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Dirty River Set To Release Their Debut Self-Titled Album Next Month

New York-based trio Dirty River are preparing for the release of their debut self-titled album due out April 15 via Fleeting Youth Records. But in the mean time, they have revealed their first single, Releaf.

Releaf is a smartly penned tribute to weed personified by two separate encounters with two different women. Lead singer Forrest Hackenbrock’s austere vocals crawl like freshly exhaled smoke over tramping drums and hazy guitars that’ll leave you just as relaxed and euphoric as the leaf he pays homage to.

Hailing from Rhinebeck, New York, Dirty River is a rock trio that delivers debauched experiences and fantasies deadpan over serpentine open D rhythms. Their alternative take on lo-fi rock develops thick and murky like jungle fog, giving weight to lead singer Forrest Hackenbrock’s stark, blasé breath. His tales of numbness, despair and depravity are matched with resonant, wanton guitar fuzz and naked downbeats that feel uncomfortable yet alluring to the ears like dirty secrets.

Dirty River’s 11 track self-titled debut is a great introduction to a band that understands the power minimalism imposes on rock music and the majority of its listeners. Dirty River’s bare approach forces their purges to penetrate and cloak your soul in their own lewd dreck, leaving you feeling dazed and dirty– just how rock and roll is supposed to make you feel.


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