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Direct Divide Release Their New Album, Bridges

Direct Divide have recently released their new album, Bridges.

Direct Divide

Direct Divide Bridges album artwork

Direct Divide is a band with diverse origins. Their music is a product of what they draw from their experiences and where they’re from, whether it be the lights and chaos of Las Vegas, the sombre Seattle winters, the Sao Paulo beaches, the San Francisco fog and now the burning hills of Los Angeles. For Direct Divide, melody reigns supreme with a combination of powerful female vocals, electric violin, classically influenced piano and progressive guitar with a dose of┬áheavy rock drums and bass.

Their songs reflect the feelings of people striving to communicate in a vast world full of distractions and technology, merging Vivaldi and Hans Zimmer with steep walls of guitars and drums, revelling in soundscapes and layers of melody. Whether it is navigating the excitement and nervousness of instant infatuation in Meteors or the pain of long distance in Persephone, Direct Divide write music that audiences can fit their own experiences to.

Head songwriters Razz and Kevin have been composing and recording together for three years. Guitarist Kevin generates ideas at a prodigious rate and Razz puts the emotions of the music into words, melody and harmony. Valdemar adds energy and attitude with his drums. Their grunge rock specialist Gabe rounds out the modern production mix on bass.

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