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Daniel Lanois To Release New Album, Flesh And Machine, In October

Throughout a storied career as a musician, producer and engineer, Daniel Lanois helped push the ambient genre forward into celestial new territory as Brian Eno’s foremost protégé; he has recorded landmark albums for U2 and Peter Gabriel and helped to revitalise the sonic dimensions of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. But Flesh And Machine (out October 28) marks the first time Lanois has truly deployed every sonic weapon in his arsenal in hopes that it may reach the position of headphone album of the year. Hear the first track off the upcoming album entitled Opera care of The Wall Street Journal here: WSJ.com .

Flesh And Machine was initially conceived as an ambient album and tracks such as Forest City take the classic Brian Eno albums that he worked on Ambient 4: On Land (1982) and Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks (1983) as a wonderful bedrock to stand on to see the sonic future. The album bristles with new ideas. He spent countless hours processing an array of source sounds – steel and electric guitar, piano and human voice – to create the sound palette that is Flesh and Machine.

Lanois has already prepared songs from Flesh And Machine to be performed live by a trio including himself, drummer Brian Blade and bassist Jim Wilson where both the playing of instruments and the sampling, dubbing and processing will happen in real time, essentially bringing the studio to the stage.

Daniel Lanois is still raising that spirit of music and still opening up doors to the unknown.

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