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Funeral Suits – Lily of the Valley

Two years in the making and the Funeral Suits’ debut album is finally ready for release.

Lily of the Valley is a debut full of enough maturity, darkness and epic tunes to suit everyone. With the production done by Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur) it sure is an album to watch out for. It’s set for release on June 4 on Model Citizen Records.

The Funeral Suits are a four piece band from Ireland consisting of Brian James, Mik McKeogh, Greg McCarthy and Dar Grant. Their debut single Colour Fade and follow up release Health received attention from the likes of Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, Steve Lamaq and Huw Stephens. All Those Friendly People is the latest single to be taken from the album and was released on March 19.

The Funeral Suits

The Funeral Suits promo shot

Lily of the Valley is an unique album full of everything that’s charming about this band. The stylish and entrancing vocals mixed with their anthemic music makes for a great listen. Everything about this album feels right.

Starting track Mary’s Revenge has all the punch needed to kick start this record off whereas other tracks such as Hands Down, Colour Fade and We Only Attack Ourselves give the album a more relaxed atmosphere giving it a good balance.

Vocally, the Funeral Suits are close to that of The Kooks. It’s your typical indie vocals but, at the same time, they are more than that. The vocals have a despair and emotion which is missing from other indie bands. We Only Attack Ourselves demonstrates this perfectly.

Other tracks such as Adventures/Misadventures seems like your average indie track offering little else than good music accompanied by borderline lyrics. Third from last track Florida and second from last track Machines Too bring it back to feeling like a classic album.

The Funeral Suits are without a doubt brilliant at producing catchy, anthemic tunes which you are bound to remember and enjoy. Lily of the Valley offers a selection from the more solemn acoustic tracks to the down right rock tunes.

Lily of the Valley is released on June 4.

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Funeral Suits – Colour Fade

Dublin’s new trio, Funeral Suits, are set to release their debut single Colour Fade soon so I thought why not take a peek at the track?

The Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits have spent two years writing, rehearsing and occasionally performing as special guests for the likes of Franz Ferdinand, The Maccabees and Passion Pit. Now they are finally going it alone.

Colour Fade blends calming indie vocals with pleasant melodic electric guitar and rhythmic drums. Although the melody remains pretty much the same throughout the entire song, it doesn’t become dull. This is probably due to the hypnotic sound of the guitar in the background which, for some reason, helps to focus your attention.

One great bit about half way through the song comes when some harmonies kick in and the music breaks down, leaving only the unique vocals behind. These sound haunting and echo slightly bringing a new layer to the track which allows it to be worked back up.

To me, their music reminds me of a cult film. It’s quite unheard of and secret but once you get the chance to become involved in its fanbase, you want to show everyone how great it is. Funeral Suits are like that. Starting out relatively small, this trio will gradually have a snowball effect of fans following them. It’s not everyone’s thing but they will definitely get an acute audience.

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