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Introducing…Change Of Fire

Salt Lake City rock band Change To Fire announces the upcoming release of their new EP, Our Bodies In The Gears, produced, mixed and mastered entirely by the band themselves in their tiny practice space which is covered floor to ceiling with old punk rock flyers and Stars Wars memorabilia.

The album’s lead single, Big Apple, 3 AM, was released on May 13, in advance of the album. The song gets its name from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, Turtles In Time. Lead singer Blue Alvey describes the song as being about: “…people putting a price on one another, using religion as the basis. It’s about breaking free of that mentality.”

Guitarist and producer Brad Rhoades describes the seven track EP as: “…short, sweet and straight to the point. We wanted to keep it punk rock and real but still add some pop shine to each song.”

The single is now available for free download through Change To Fire’s official website, http://www.changetofire.com where you can also find a music video supporting the single as well as photos and additional information.

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