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Introducing…Captain Wilberforce

It is a truth universally acknowledged that bands outstay their creative welcome, distracted by the gaudy excesses of fame and fortune, so how lucky we are that Captain Wilberforce, with his new Distance E.P. has never encountered such a fate. Leeds’ most tenacious purveyor of idiosyncratic alt-pop refuses to bow to the current 80’s zeitgeist, (having already suffered it first-hand the first time round) and instead look to classic songwriters like Mssrs Bowie, Costello and Bacharach – as well as their more recent counterparts Guy Garvey and Sufjan Stevans – to inspire timeless, cultured tunes that ear-worm their way into your life.

The four new songs on Distance reinforce Captain Wilberforce’s growing reputation for compelling melodies, cascading harmonies and crafted lyrics: these tunes ooze class, self-belief and a relaxed confidence that only comes with years of song-writing experience.

Friends of the band include Huey Morgan and Tom Robinson of BBC 6 music and Dermot O’Leary who invited the self-managed, self-released and self-promoted band to record a prestigious Saturday Session following the launch of their Ghost Written Confessions (2011) album.

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