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O’Death Live Sessions

My new favourite band of this month (maybe even this year) have recorded some acoustic sessions for Violitionist in Texas.

Outside is a great album with tracks that are just begging to be played live due to all the crazy banjo, acoustic guitar and wobbling, emotional vocals.

The tracks performed in this session were Bugs, Black Dress and Pushing Out which are three of the strongest tracks on the record. Bugs was their first single off the new album while Black Dress and Pushing Out will give you a taster of what is to come on the rest of Outside.

Take a look…

Pushing Out

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O’Death – Bugs

New York quintet, O’Death, are to release their latest single, Bugs, on May 30.

In 2009, the band received some shocking news that their drummer, David Rogers-Berry, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. After ten months of chemotherapy and a shoulder replacement, the band headed back to the studio and are now ready to get on with life and producing sweet, sweet music.

O'Death Outside album artwork

O'Death's album cover for forthcoming album, Outside

Bugs is a pleasant folk song with beautiful vocals and calming music. Blending soft, high-pitched vocals with fast tempo Irish folk guitars, this song is the essence of what makes folk music interesting.

O’Death have taken traditional elements of the folk genre and given it a modern day twist. Think Mumford and Sons but think grander, more enticing and more innovative.

The thing that makes this song so engaging is that so much can be heard going on in it. There are the Irish-inspired folk guitars alongside the hilly-billy banjo of Southern America, played by Gabe Darling. There’s the high-pitched typical New York style vocals from Greg Jamie combined with the folk drum beat.

However, my favourite sound in this song has to be the violin, played by Robert Pycior. It adds that very traditional element of folk to the music and gives it a grounding in that genre. It helps enhance all the other instruments with its simple yet beautiful melody.

O’Death have produced a wonderful sound in Bugs. I just hope the album is as great…

O’Death – Bugs (Official Video) from City Slang on Vimeo.

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