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The Physics House Band Produce Soundtrack For Original Gangster Film, Mafia

Following their debut release Horizons/Rapture via Blood & Biscuits last year, Brighton psychedelic math-rock three piece The Physics House Band have scored the whole production of Mafia, a play by Sleeping Trees which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival tonight.

The Physics House Band

The Physics House Band

Mafia was previously showcased with two sold out performances, one as part of Brighton Fringe Festival and a separate London performance.

The Physics House Band are a progressive jazz-fusion band based in Brighton. Their latest record Horizons/Rapture catapulted them to success. The band have recently returned from a whirlwind European tour and Mafia is their first experience of creating theatre.

Sleeping Trees have been making work for the past four years, creating hilarious re-tellings of classic stories without bothering to reread them. They are currently performing The Sleeping Trees Treelogy in Pleasance Below at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The two trios have known each other for over ten years and, having found individual success in theatre and music, are excited to join forces to celebrate a film genre they love. They wanted to see what would happen when you put a live score into a comedy theatre show. The result is a hilarious, action packed 50-minutes complete with live sound effects, lashings of hair gel and plenty of Marlon Brando impersonations.

Part gig, part comedy show, Sleeping Trees and The Physics House Band combine to make a truly unique show.

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Sleep Party People Release New Single, Floating Blood Of Mine

Following last month’s announcement of his new record Floating for release on June 2 through Blood and Biscuits, macabre Danish bunny-mask-wearing musician Brian Batz, AKA Sleep Party People, has revealed another track.

Sleep Party People

Brian Batz Of Sleep Party People

Floating Blood Of Mine, compared to most other Sleep Party People tracks, is a relatively upbeat offering, showcasing the paired back, melody-focused approach taken on this third album. Lyrically, however, the track draws from Batz’s exploration of his own social anxiety. He explained: “While I was spending a month in San Francisco recording the album I often wondered how I was as a person when I was among people I didn’t really know that well. Was I socially handicapped, too shy, too quiet, weird or just pretty normal?

“I unfortunately think people see me as a person who’s socially off when I’m in new environments although I’m trying not to be or think too much about it. I’m a quiet person and a person who loves to observe. That’s what this song is about. I think it’s in my genes to be like this. Like most of my family.”

Floating Blood of Mine is the second new track to be released online, following the disorientating In Another World last month. Sounding like the sonic version of falling down the rabbit hole, it’s a more unsettling offering that – for those already in the know – is unmistakably Sleep Party People.

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Sleep Party People Confirm Details Of New Album And Release New Single, In Another World

Sleep Party People has confirmed details for a new album and uploaded a brand new track. The new record, Floating, will be released on June 2 through Blood & Biscuits (part of the Pink Mist collective of DIY labels).

The first track to make it’s way online is the disorientating In Another World. Sounding like the sonic version of falling down the rabbit hole, it’s a gloriously macabre offering with strings swirling around thick bass lines to create a mood that – for those already in the know – is unmistakably Sleep Party People but more potent and forceful than ever before.

Sleep Party People Floating album artwork

Sleep Party People Floating album artwork

Sleep Party People is the brainchild of Brian Batz, a Danish multi-instrumentalist with a boundless imagination. Taking as inspiration the work of Boards Of Canada, David Lynch and Erik Satie, Batz found the sound of the old battered piano in his apartment, coupled with a freaky electronic alteration of his recorded voice, created an eerie, hypnotic sound.

With his other worldly signature sound in place, this one-man home recording project started to take shape back in 2008, the collection of weird and haunting melodies he created forming the basis for Sleep Party People’s self-titled debut album (2010), Efterklang & The Antlers invited him to tour with them, and the widely applauded unsettling beauty of We Were Drifting On A Sad Song followed in 2012.

This time, though, Batz is not drifting, he’s Floating.

In February 2013, armed with one rough sketch of a track on his laptop and a head full of ideas, Batz travelled to San Francisco to work with Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, Morrisey and Blondie) and Mikael Johnston (The Sounds, Jane’s Addiction). One month later, he returned to Copenhagen with the nearly-completed third album, Floating, on his hard drive.

Batz explained: “The whole feel of the album is very different from the two earlier releases. It’s 100% hand-played and totally organic and analog. I wanted it to sound more like a band than a one-man-project this time.”

For the most part casting aside the eerie murmuring vocals that have thus far been a Sleep Party People trademark, Floating sees Batz simplify his work, cutting down on the number of layers and effects, taking inspiration from the less complicated recordings of “the good old days” and limiting himself to 24 tracks on each song. The result is a more focused, melody driven record that channels the deliriously macabre moods Sleep Party People’s music conjures and moulds them into some of his most concise, direct and powerful work to date.

Batz added: “It was a very different way of working for me but an approach I learned to love during the whole process. The feel and the sound on the album is way different from any other Sleep Party People album you’ve heard but I believe that you can still hear that I’m the songwriter and that I have a specific way of writing songs.”

Having previously toured with the likes of Efterklang & The Antlers, Sleep Party People will announce new live dates soon.

Floating will be released on June 2.

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The Physics House Band Release Remix EP

Following the off the wall debut release Horizons/Rapture via Blood & Biscuits last year, Brighton psychedelic math-rock three piece The Physics House Band present their brand new Horizons/Rapture: Remixed EP, which is available to stream and download in full and for free now.

The new remix record is an EDM led journey of joyous re-discovery, crafted by seven forward thinking artists and producers including Ital Tek, Three Trapped Tigers and My Panda Shall Fly, all delivering their own interpretations of The Physics House Band’s widely revered debut EP tracks.

The psychedelic experimental instrumentalists hailing from Brighton have made waves nationwide among the math-rock elite, jazz enthusiasts, tech savvy producers and the psychedelic old guard a-like since their debut back in April 2013. A whirlwind nine months of live brain warping include shows with Alt-J, Mono, Bosnian Rainbows, Jaga Jazzist, tour with 65 Days of Static plus their own 28 day headline run.

Speaking about the new EP, The Physics House Band said: “We’re all into a lot of different styles of electronic music and were eager to hear other people re-imagine the themes we’d created on Horizons/Rapture.

“As it’s instrumental music it was very easy for people to do so without feeling like they had to retain a main hook. The process was simple ‘Here are some sounds, do what you will’…and it’s amazing to see what people delivered. We’ve got some friends on there and also some amazing electronic producers we love including Ital Tek and My Panda Shall Fly.”

You can catch The Physics House Band live on the following dates:
13 Feb LEICESTER Bishop Street Church
15 Feb LONDON Electrowerkz
4 April BARCELONA Aloud Music Festival
2 May LEICESTER Handmade Festival

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The Physics House Band Release Debut EP

Brighton prog-psych-rock band The Physics House Band are releasing their debut EP on April 15 through Pink Mist label Blood & Biscuits.

Their debut EP titled Horizons/Rapture is a 26 minute prog-rock psychedelic masterpiece.  The EP consists of six different tracks all showcasing a perfect blend of musical styles, moods and aural textures. Despite the band members only being in their early 20s, their style of music spreads way beyond their years. Taking influences from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, The Physics House Band produce music that is mature and developed. Blending the psychedelic 60s with the prog years of the 70s and adding in just a pinch of tech metal from the 80s and 90s post-rock, The Physics House Band’s experimentation of music ends up with them producing filmic compositions which burst at the seams.

The Physics House Band

The Physics House Band

The Physics House Band have been compared to the likes of Yes. Their music definitely does sound like something from the 70s prog-rock era, it’s a sound that gradually faded but now it’s back.

Kick-starting the EP is ObeliskMonolith which is like a punch in the face, there’s no avoiding this track. Hollow Mountain is track three and is a pleasant, relaxing blend of sweeping tones and gentle riffs. It’s cafe music. Teratology sees the EP pushed back into full swing. With a mild beginning, Teratology suddenly becomes one of the more aggressive tracks on the EP. The Spectral Beyond is the shortest track on Horizons/Rapture consisting of a beautiful, soulful piano piece.

Horizons/Rapture is a fantastic debut EP which really shows what The Physics House Band is all about. You can see The Physics House Band live on the following dates:

Sat 13 Apr LEEDS Dirty Otter Festival
Tue 16 Apr MIDDLESBROUGH Mixtape
Wed 17 Apr GLASGOW Bar Bloc
Thu 18 Apr YORK The Basement
Fri 19 Apr LIVERPOOL MelloMello
Sat 20 Apr MANCHESTER Kraak Gallery
Sun 21 Apr NORWICH Hog in Armour

The Physics House Band

Horizons/Rapture artwork

Mon 22 Apr GUILDFORD Boileroom
Tue 23 Apr BRISTOL Louisiana
Wed 24 Apr WINCHESTER Railway
Thu 25 Apr SOUTHAMPTON Avondale House
Fri 26 Apr PLYMOUTH White Rabbit
Sat 27 Apr CARDIFF Buffalo Bar
Sun 28 Apr BRIGHTON Green Door Store
Mon 29 Apr UK LONDON Old Blue Last

Horizons/Rapture is out on April 15.

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