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Blitzen Trapper – American Goldwing

Blitzen Trapper are back with their sixth studio album, American Goldwing, to be released on Monday 12 September on Sub Pop Records.

The Portland six piece have become well known for their country fused rock beats. Take Lynyrd Skynyrd and place them in today’s country music scene and you have the exact definition of Blitzen Trapper.

Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper American Goldwing album cover

Their newest adventure compacts the American country life into a fully fledged lyrically satisfying and musically inspiring album.

With tracks like Might Find It Cheap and future single, Love The Way You Walk Away (release date 19 September), kick starting things off, it opens with the typical sound that Blitzen Trapper have become renowned for. However, Your Crying Eyes blasts out above the rest of the songs with a much more rock sound, including some excellent guitar riffs and solos.

The album has a little bit for everyone. Tracks like Fletcher and My Home Town focus on country vocals, bangos and background guitar solos which are all rather expected in such songs but there are a couple of surprises hidden deep within this record. Girl In A Coat and Stranger In A Strange Land could be easily mistaken for Bob Dylan singles with the vocals having that croaky element to them (however I must say that Eric Earley’s voice is ten times better than Dylan’s).

Stranger In A Strange Land has some of the best lyrics on the album along with some of the most pleasant to listen to acoustic guitar.

Street Fighting Sun is another song that shakes the roots of this record. It’s a heavy rock track where Earley’s voice adapts again. He sounds similar in some respects to Robert Plant with the notes he can hit and hold, that high pitched sort of wail Plant is famous for. The harmonies in this song make it what it is, very Beatles-esque and spot on.

American Goldwing is a little piece of American rolled into eleven exceptional tracks. It is the perfect album to take if you ever drive cross-country in the United States. Trust me, it will make the trip even more spectacular. A fantastically produced, easy to listen to and stimulating record that should not be missed.


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Blitzen Trapper – Love The Way You Walk Away

Blitzen Trapper

Portland quintet, Blitzen Trapper

With the release of Blitzen Trapper’s new album, American Goldwing, less than a month away, they have decided to give everyone a bit of a sneak preview by releasing Love The Way You Walk Away for free.

Combining their hill-billy country style with American rock ‘n’ roll, Love The Way You Walk Away oozes a true American country blues sound. With relaxing acoustic guitar to kick start things mixed with some slide blues electric guitar, this quintet have produced a song full of nostalgia.

Listen to the track here.

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Blitzen Trapper – American Goldwing

Portland quintet, Blitzen Trapper, have just released that their sixth studio album, American Goldwing, will be out on September 12 on Sub Pop Records.

Luckily, I’ve got hold of a free track for you all to listen to. It’s the title track, American Goldwing.

Blitzen Trapper are a modern day Lynyrd Skynyrd (without the racism and hopefully drugs). Becoming recognised for their ability to tell stories in their lyrics, they have not failed to provide such stories in their newest batch of songs.

Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper and a pug dog...

Vocalist, Mark Earley describes the album: “American Goldwing is us letting our loves and early influences hang out for all to see.

“We entered into the sounds we grew up with – the hard guitar rock and country picking of our younger years mixed with glimmers of our usual space-aging technology and pawn shop Casios”.

This album is by Earley’s own admission: “…heavy guitar riffs and blasting drum fills live side-by-side with plucking banjos, wailing harmonicas and muddy slide guitars. The earthiness of these songs will make you want to get loaded and get in a fight, or find a girl and fall in love forever, simultaneously.”

Take a listen to the track here.

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