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ASx To Release New Single, Obstacle Of My Affection

ASx is an Australian solo project based in London. Her ambient sounds see a mix of electronic elements with strong guitar and bass grooves, creating a unique sound.

Since beginning her classical education on violin at the tender age of four, ASx always longed for the raw power of the drums and after much anticipation she finally began playing at the age of 11.

ASx Obstacle Of My Affection artwork

ASx Obstacle Of My Affection artwork

Since relocating to London in 2010, ASx took to playing drums with various bands around the punk rock/indie circuit. As well as refining her guitar and bass skills along the way, she began producing her own demos in 2013. Under the watchful eye of her fellow producers, ASx produces her own material and plays her own instruments to create a product exactly how she envisions it.

ASx is due to release her new single Obstacle Of My Affection on March 31. Obstacle Of My Affection has an unusual sound that’s hard to place into a genre. It’s not quite electronic or pop but somewhere in between. Synthesisers feature heavily on this song giving it that slight 80s feel. The downside is that the lyrics are repetitive, “We’ve become a war again…”

Obstacle Of My Affection is backed by Russian Dolls. The music is good in Russian Dolls but the vocals are less so. The spoken word during the verses doesn’t quite work, it doesn’t suit the song and sounds out of place. There’s an attitude in the vocals that doesn’t suit the style of music. The chorus however rescues this song, “How you want it/I can sometimes make it…” Russian Dolls is a summer song.

ASx’s new single Obstacle Of My Affection will be released on March 31 via Battle Worldwide Recordings.

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