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Introducing…Fake Club

Fake Club is an all female rock group based in London. The band exerts a huge amount of onstage energy showcasing their own distinctive and infectious style.

Fake Club will appeal to fans of The Veronicas, The Ting Tings and Bat For Lashes. The girls describe themselves as the Spice Girls with instruments which isn’t a bad description. Their lyrics aren’t thought provoking as their latest release, Beauty Queen, shows. Their sense of style is very 90s and their music is catchy pop-rock rather than heavy rock. When you see the video, the “Spice Girls with instruments” comparison sort of makes sense…

Beauty Queen is a song about a woman who knows she’s beautiful and uses this to get where she wants in life. It’s a track about people who wouldn’t hesitate to sell their soul for money and wealth. The lyrics, “Oh know/You’ve chosen money over love oh/Another dent in your halo…Beauty queen killing the world you know/Big shots selling your soul for gold/Fat cats who want to own the show…” indicate the meaning behind this song perfectly. It’s got a great message but the song itself is a little try hard.

Being a female rock band is always incredibly hard to pull off as it’s a genre that’s heavily dominated by men. Fake Club aren’t quite pulling it off at the moment. Their image seems forced like they are trying too hard to stand out as an attractive and quirky female rock band. Sometimes you have to compromise on the image in order to be a successful female rock singer…look at Patti Smith – she’s someone with something to say but she’s never once tried to come across as a super feminine and sexy woman. It’s her mind and her words that make her attractive. Fake Club have gone the other way; their quirky fashion style and cheeky performances are covering up the fact that there’s not much too them otherwise. In my opinion, if you’re going to sing about a beauty queen who uses her image to get her places then you shouldn’t be singing it while wearing skimpy clothes. The message behind Beauty Queen deteriorates rapidly.

Saying all of that though, Beauty Queen is a catchy song that lots of people will love. The girls can play their instruments there’s no doubt about that. It’s great to see girls performing as a band where they write their own songs and play their own instruments. Fake Club are no where near terrible – the vocals are strong with a lot of attitude, the instruments are played really well but there is just something lacking. It all feels a bit too clean to class them as a female rock band.

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Sonny AKA Freddie Pedersen is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, actor and dancer. He basically has it all. He looks like James Dean, dances like Justin Timberlake and has a similar sound to The Jacksons.

With the success and momentum from his last single, Bad Girl, taken from the album International, Sonny has returned with his new single, Not Gonna Leave Her Alone. The song is entirely made of drums, bass, guitar and a few Coca-Cola bottles.

Not Gonna Leave Her Alone can’t be congratulated for its mind-opening lyrics, they are your typical pop lyrics about attraction to a beautiful lady but Sonny has produced a summery, guilty pleasure track. It has soul and R&B inspired beats which are perfect when mixed with Sonny’s Michael Jackson inspired vocals. Think Michael Jackson on Rock My World and you’re getting close to the type of music Sonny produces. You cannot state that this music will change the world but you can guarantee that people will love this pop song.

The music video for Not Gonna Leave Her Alone was written, choreographed and directed by Sonny.

Sonny was recently picked for Justin Timberlake’s new Myspace relaunch for their New Artists campaign.

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Introducing…Sound The Ocean

Hailing from the Waikato region in New Zealand, which has also produced the likes of Kimbra, Crowded House and Avalanche City, Sound The Ocean have been making ripples internationally.

The seven-piece band is comprised of music teachers that have been writing and recording music together for over two years.

Spring is taken from their debut album, Wait For The Morning, which is due for release in early 2014. Spring is an uplifting, pop piano ballad about finding yourself and your true identity. The chorus, “Bursting at the seams I just can’t keep it in/Winter sin is gone and I can breath again” as well as all the other lyrics in the song such as “Long forgotten colours are throwing back their covers/Waking up/They’re slowly waking up/Melting frozen shackles/Resurrecting feeling/Step outside/I want to step outside…” show this. The song uses spring as a metaphor for rediscovering yourself and becoming happy once again. Spring sees nature gain colour and come back to life which is exactly what rediscovering your happiness does to you – you gain colour and start to appreciate life and live more fully.

The video was shot at Woodhill Forest which is the same forest that provided the backdrop for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Xena: The Warrior Princess.

If you enjoy OneRepublic, The Killers, U2, Lifehouse or Keane then Sound The Ocean could be the new band for you.

Their debut album, Wait For The Morning, is set for release in early 2014 so watch this space…

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Introducing…Hamish Anderson

Melbourne-based Hamish Anderson is known for his live shows that encompass a mix of blues, rock and folk with moments of loud, electric blues-soaked songs as well as delicate acoustic balladry. Now fans can hear this live sound at home as he has recently released his debut self titled EP which features organ and piano from Rami Jaffee (keyboardist for Foo Fighters and founding member of The Wallflowers).

After hearing a few of Hamish’s songs, Rami Jaffee stopped by the studio, while on tour in Australia for Foo Fighters, to record organ and piano for Hamish’s debut EP release. The five track EP was recorded in BJB Studio with producer Eric J. Dubowsky (Art vs. Science, Weezer, Bluejuice). The EP was engineered by Jean-Paul Fung (Birds of Tokyo, Last Dinosaurs, Silverchair) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Dr John, The Shins).

Hamish Anderson lists his influences as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams and there are certainly some of these portrayed in his music.

Howl is the first single to be taken from the self titled EP. In Howl, The Black Keys’ sound can be heard strongly particularly in the backing vocals,”Woah, won’t you hear me howl.” This is probably due to the EP being mastered by Brian Lucey who has also worked with The Black Keys.

There are also small parts of Jeff Buckley’s influence that shine through in Howl but unfortunately this comparison is not being made in terms of the vocals but musically. Hamish has stolen that ballad rock feel that is apparent in Buckley’s songs like Last Goodbye and Grace. Howl is a great rock track with a mesmerising video to accompany it.

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Introducing…Kaitlin Riegel

Kaitlin Riegel was born in Portland, Oregon, before her family moved to Auckland, New Zealand when she was 12. Her contemporary alternative music shares influences from both countries. She says: “Most of the music I make revolves around intricate vocal parts but almost everything I write is composed on my beloved Roland keyboard.

“I’ve played piano and sang my entire life and my favourite pastime is chucking the two together. My songs are about my life and how I perceive everyone else’s.’’

Silhouettes was produced by Simon “Berkfinger” Berckleman (The Temper Trap, Silverchair, Wolfmother) and can be recommended to the fans of Lorde, Marina and the Diamonds and Oh Land.

Riegel has confident and clear vocals with interestingly fresh lyrics. ‘”Stay indoors/Stay indoors/Dry your eyes/Stay indoors/Stay indoors/Stay inside/All that’s left of the great indoors are silhouettes on wooden floors’’.

There is something very appealing about this track. Superficially light in chanting presentation and yet darkness is all around – as illustrated in the video. Kaitlin’s voice rivals top female pop singers and betters most.

By Kate Dexter

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Introducing…All Mankind

All Mankind hail from Australia and have just released their new single Losing Myself from their five track EP. For collectors All Mankind have printed 300 limited edition vinyl-style CDs only available at live shows (check http://www.allmankind.com for dates and tickets).

Hurrah, for Losing Myself. It has really good audio quality. This is crisp and perfectly balanced, doing full justice to the easy on the ear vocals and giving perfect clarity to the lyrics while each instrument is equally decipherable.

All Mankind list their influences as Empire of the Sun, The Temper Trap, Muse, The Police, Dave Matthews Band, Paul Simon, Bob Marley, Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam. This all makes sense when you listen to their sound; the crowd-pleasing joyous chorus of, “I found you and you found me” and a bass line that has that Police modern reggae influence. There are even Sting-like high pitched backing vocals. That said, there is individuality here. It’s catchy and recognisable for radio play.

Their first album Simple Desire was a top ten album in Germany’s #1 Music retailer, Saturn/Mediamarkt. All Mankind’s is a pretty smooth sound for the clichéd view of German tastes. Here the Germans are ahead of the game, this band is accomplished and fresh.

The Simple Desire album was recorded and produced by Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Foals) in Liverpool. A number of tracks have featured in prime time US, UK & Australian television shows, including The Hills, Break the Spell, the first single from Simple Desire, has also been featured on the EA Games FIFA 12 soundtrack.

“All Mankind delivers epic and heartfelt songs that evoke a timeless soundscape” (Nic Harcourt, MTV USA). There’s a danger in using the word ‘epic’ as it can touch on meaning ‘cheesy’ but as Record of the Day states, “All Mankind has the sound of being Australia’s next biggest export…”, and if they keep the clean, thoughtful and fresh approachability going, this may well be an accurate prediction.

By Kate Dexter

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Monks of Mellonwah – Sky and The Dark Night EP

Monks of Mellonwah are back with a brand new EP release, Sky and The Dark Night. The release comes after their previous EP Neurogenesis which was released last May. Neurogenesis received hundreds of reviews and features worldwide including coverage on MTV, Big Takeover Magazine, CMJ, Kings of A&R, Noise 11 and Tone Deaf. The media attention earned them licensing spots through a number of production companies in the US including Discovery Networks and Bunim Murray. The Monks successfully toured for Neurogenesis throughout Australia in Summer 2012 working with Tone Deaf and continued their outreach with a United States tour organized by President Entertainment.

Monks of Mellonwah EP artwork

Monks of Mellonwah EP artwork

After the success that Neurogenesis brought the band, the four piece alternative indie rock band from Sydney may receive similar attention when the new EP is released.

Having been compared to the likes of Incubus, Muse and The Black Keys, Monks of Mellonwah are definitely a band to watch. While the vocals by Vikram Kaushik are very similar to that of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, Monks of Mellonwah do have their own unique musical style that cannot be compared.

Their new EP Sky and The Dark Night is progressive and experimental. The EP is an emotionally charged, heavy offering showcasing the band’s new direction that was hinted at with Neurogenesis. Sky and The Dark Night is in the form of one composition. The four tracks eventually come together to make the final trilogy mix. The whole EP combines a filmic score with electro and rock influences. Track one Breakout provides the filmic score while track two Control lends the rock influences heard in previous EP Neurogenesis. Track three Condition introduces the idea of electro rock into the band’s style. Eventually, track four sees all three songs transformed into one mind-blowing number.

Joe de la Hoyde (bass) explains the inspiration for Sky and The Dark Night. He says: “We are each riddled by our own curses and battle our own demons. There are diseases and syndromes and many things that we can’t understand let alone hope to control. Sky And The Dark Night, to me, is the journey from the beginning of our battles to their fruitless ends; the ups and downs, the triumphs and the failures. It is the undying hope that maybe somewhere along the way, we might find ourselves.”

Monks of Mellonwah performing live

Monks of Mellonwah performing live

Monks of Mellonwah have toured nationally and travelled to the United States twice, winning awards for Best Indie  Rock Band (2012 AIM Awards) and Best International Act (2012 LA Music  Awards). Their two previous EP’s (Stars Are Out and Neurogenesis) and subsequent music videos have gained them  worldwide critical acclaim, airplay on MTV’s network and extensive  radio play. The band are also now celebrating their new  development deal with A&R Worldwide.

Sky and The Dark Night is being released on vinyl and digital only on April 1.

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