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Ajax Ray O’Vaque Releases New Single, Best Days Of Our Lives

Ajax Ray O’Vaque, the alter ego of Anthony J. Resta, recently announced the release of his new single, Best Days of Our Lives. Resta is considered one of the most prolific American producers of the past two decades, having worked with industry giants such as Elton John, Duran Duran and Collective Soul. Known for his use of vintage gear and soundscaping recording techniques, Resta has woven together pieces of obscure samples from vinyl with twisted analogue synth sounds, melding them seamlessly into his artist’s performance. Resta’s musical prowess has earned him twelve RIAA certified gold and platinum awards. Best Days of Our Lives is the first release from Dreaming in Subtitles, the record slated for a July 1 launch.

Resta is something of a musical renaissance man: he has served as a singer, songwriter, composer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, soundscape artist and holistic music creator. The Canadian-born artist began his celebrated livelihood as a session drummer, moving into programming in the late ‘80s through expertise with the Linn Drum. A chance encounter with Duran Duran led to one of the enduring associations of his career. Lippman Entertainment in Los Angeles signed Resta the same year he built the 3,700 square foot Bopnique, an award-winning studio in New England. Resta and his Grammy nominated engineer, Karyadi Sutedja, expanded Bopnique in 2013 to two new locations in the Los Angeles area.

It was at Boston’s Berklee College of Music that Resta discovered his talent for electronic gears and gadgets, helping him define his signature sound heard on Collective Soul’s Dosage, Duran Duran’s Medazzaland and Denise Hradecky’s Save the Universe. Along with his producing and mixing work, Resta is also a successful composer. Some of Resta’s most notable soundtrack work can be heard in films The Saint and Twilight.

Resta has no particular favourite style of music: “I used to be into electronica but I really like recording real instruments. I like mixing the most real sounds with one or two completely unreal sounds then making them sound like they belong together.” Best Days of Our Lives is the latest example of Resta’s ability to juxtapose purely organic and wildly synthetic instruments. The song is the first release from Dreaming in Subtitles, Resta’s second album under the name Ajax Ray O’Vaque. Robert Robles, GM of Sterling Sound, calls Dreaming in Subtitles “…an amazing creative experience that is long overdue.” Both Dreaming in Subtitles and O’Vaque’s debut, The Critically Forgotten Demos of Saturn (released by Intelligent Records in 2009), are available on Amazon.

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