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Introducing…Rachel Dawick

Kiwi songwriter Rachel Dawick is pleased to announce the release of her new single, Biddy of the Buller, from her forthcoming double album The Boundary Riders.
 The new lively country single Biddy of the Buller takes the listener on a visual journey through the life of goldminer Bridget Goodwin as she sits smoking her clay pipe confessing her past sins.

Recorded live in Katikati with Paul Hoggard, the single features Rachel Dawickon vocals and guitar, Jon Sanders on ukelele, Andy Laking on Double Bass, Dave Khan on violin and Chris Koole on percussion.

Rachel Dawick

Rachel Dawick

Rachel said: “Biddy of the Buller, that is Bridget Goodwin, is one of the six women who lived in NZ in the 1800s whose journeys are followed through the course of the show album. Biddy was a four-foot, pipe smoking goldminer who lived with two men in a shack near Lyell along the Buller River. She was a tough character working and living alongside two men in water up to her hips, panning for gold every day. She defied the notion of what a woman in Victorian society should be like trying to survive in a newly settled colony in a man’s world. She was a generous, whisky loving, hard working, Irish born woman whose way of life helped paved the way for women in NZ to gain the vote on the 19 September in 1893.”

The forthcoming double album The Boundary Riders and the accompanying 52 page book is a collection of musical tales told through the perspective of a woman following her own journey discovering these hidden voices and bringing their remarkable lives into the public eye.

The release is celebrated with a free presentation of the journey at Auckland’s Central City Library on September 19 at 5.30pm and followed by the premiere performance of The Boundary Riders Show with full band at The Vic Theatre in Devonport on the 2 October as part of the Auckland Heritage Festival.  Tickets $25/20 are available to purchase at www.thevic.co.nz.

The single Biddy of the Buller is available now via Amplifier, Bandcamp and iTunes.

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Introducing…Mahoney Harris

Auckland folk/pop songwriter Mahoney Harris is delighted to announce the release of her new single, We Didn’t Feel Alone, which is out now.

We Didn’t Feel Alone is a hypnotic eastern influenced track depicting the afterglow of a music performance. Sparse electric guitars envelop a mystical drumbeat while Harris’ ethereal harmonies hover above.

The single was recorded and produced by Tom Healy (Paquin, Tiny Ruins, Popstrangers), mastered by Olly Harmer and is a precursor to Mahoney’s debut album, due out September 19.

Healy contributes a delicate lead guitar to the single while percussionist Wayne Bellinvokes an ancient heartbeat.

We Didn’t Feel Alone is now available on iTunes, Amplifier and Bandcamp.

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Jan Hellriegel Releases New Single, Because You

Jan Hellriegel has announced the release of her new single entitled, Because You.

Because You is a beautiful, ethereal, electronic track. Sparsely punctuated by a repetitive melancholy electric guitar, the track builds into an uplifting chorus with a cacophony of reverberated drums and the conviction of Jan’s lower register as she imparts her feelings to the subject of the song.

The track was written with producer and multi-intsrumentalist, Wayne Bell. Hellriegel has committed herself to a year of co-writes.

Hellriegel said: “When you co-write with someone you have the benefit of someone else’s perspective and what is concocted can be a hybrid of styles. In this instance I really like what Wayne and I came up with”.

Because You was produced by Wayne Bell and recorded at The Lab with Olly Harmer. The track was mixed by Daniel Denholm in Sydney Australia then mastered at 301 Studios, Sydney by Steve Smart.

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Jan Hellriegel Releases New Single, Bottom Of My Heart

New Zealand iconic indie singer/songwriter, Jan Hellriegel has announced the release of her new single Bottom of my Heart’with a risqué video to match.

Hellriegel enlisted Los Angeles filmmaker Mark Tierney to create a road trip movie replete with a love, sex, crime, betrayal…and a puppet.

The single is a spacey yet uplifting ballad with Hellriegel’s signature vocals and lyrics encased in washes of eerie electric guitar and bittersweet harmonies.

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