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Abi Wade – And Blood And Air EP

Brighton-based cellist Abi Wade released her four track EP titled And Blood And Air EP yesterday.

Abi Wade

Brand new talent Abi Wade

The release of her EP also saw the brand new record label Love Thy Neighbour Records officially launch.

Abi Wade is unique in every way. Her vocals are outstanding and breath-taking. Her music is original. Who else can you name who plays the cello in the way she does?

And Blood And Air is a fantastic EP full of melodic and soulful tunes designed to pull you in.

Perfect Form kick starts the short but delightful album. It’s one of the more expressive numbers with more anger and passion. Compared with the second track, Green Youth Great Plans which is quite a happy track, Perfect Form is probably the most bitter Abi will ever sound.

Hope brings the EP back to the darker corners of Wade’s art of crafting songs. Although a seemingly optimistic titled song with uplifting vocals, it does in fact juxtapose with the quite deep and dark music.

Stability is of course the first release off the EP which can be seen performed live below:

Abi Wade is definitely a breakthrough artist doing things no-one has attempted before. She is ground breaking as her first EP proves.

And Blood And Air EP is available now.

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Introducing Abi Wade

A new record label, Love Thy Neighbour Records, has been started by Espen and the Witch’s Daniel Copeman and local gig promoter Andy Rossiter.

The EP only record label will launch on November 28 and will also release singer Abi Wade’s debut, And Blood And Air EP.

Abi Wade’s music is a mix of simplistic music with breath taking vocals. Each of her performances are flawless and captivating. Using only a cello, a timpani mallet and box for a drum, she makes original music that will instantly grab your attention.

With a voice that is natural and unique and a style that is quite her own, Abi Wade gives a fantastic live performance of her track, Stability. Watch it below:

Daniel Copeman said of Wade’s music: “The first time I was exposed to Abi’s music I was overcome by an urge to release it, at this point there was no label so the label was started for her pretty much.

“It’s interesting, new and impassioned. The melodies, rhythms and lyrics are all so well
considered and enveloping. I am very proud to be releasing this EP”.

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