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Mario Nardi – This Music is Organic EP

Sardinian born singer songwriter Mario Nardi has recently released his first EP which will leave you wanting to hear more.

Having been based in the UK since 2007, Mario Nardi is now signed to Gary Powell’s record label, 25 Hour Convenience Store. Originally a drummer, Mario decided to swap his drumsticks for a guitar and microphone which seems to have worked in his favour. Keeping a voice like his hidden is a sin.

Mario Nardi

Upcoming blues artist Mario Nardi

This Music is Organic is Mario Nardi’s first studio EP release. With husky vocals that sound like a blend of Kurt Cobain, Chad Kroeger and Brandon Boyd, Mario Nardi has produced five fantastic acoustic ¬†blues tracks where every emotion can be felt through the notes he holds.

The Stranger Revenge is the best song on the EP. It’s a breath-taking song which will have you transfixed on the first listen. Nardi’s vocals are inspiring and refreshing. It’s great to hear a voice that has something original and unique in it. Although he can be easily compared to Cobain and Boyd, Nardi’s vocals still feel brand new. The song showcases Nardi’s vocals. It highlights his powerful voice as the most important instrument with only a faint guitar heard being played in the background. It takes a great singer to be able to pull off singing acoustically.

The Stranger Revenge is more folk than blues especially due to the storytelling nature of the lyrics. The last part of the track contains all the emotion with the best lyrics, “Should I quit you, baby? Should I lie or should I just keep waiting for it to come?”¬†The whole song is very lyrical proving that Nardi isn’t just a good singer. His talent spreads much wider than just being a good vocalist.

Mario Nardi’s EP This Music is Organic is out now and can be downloaded through iTunes.

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