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Plastic Youth

Plastic Youth are a young band from Southend Essex about to unleash their first full release. Spending the last year running circles around their gig circuit, they have managed to land themselves a deal with Libertines/Dirty Pretty Things’ Gary Powell on his label, ’25 Convenience Store.

Plastic Youth

Plastic Youth

Their first release will be two tracks titled Death Row and Animal Style. The singles will be available for free download and limited edition seven inch vinyl.

After slipping into the studio with Verve and Black Ships’ guitarist Nick McCabe last year, Plastic Youth have gained massive support from the likes of Alan McGee who tweeted after hearing their demo, “I hope this is the first nail in the coffin for Mumford and Sons”.

Hearing Plastic Youth’s sound transports you back to the days of Oasis and the 90s when pop rock was at its height. Death Row is a song about the fall of society and was the first track produced by Nick McCabe. It has husky vocals with heavy grunge 90s rock music accompanying them. The grumpy attitude of the band added to these elements of the track makes it all fit together perfectly.

Animal Style is a little less in your face. With softer vocals and more of a laid back Oasis-esque feel to it, it’s a pleasant track to listen to. The musical instrumental between the chorus and verse brings forward the happier and fun side of the band that is lacking in Death Row.

Death Row and Animal Style will be available from 23 April.

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