This blog will hopefully give you an insight into the wide world of real music. With so much music sounding the same and the charts being filled with endless amounts of disastrous pop songs, it’s about time news and reviews of less commercial music could be found on the internet. Rocking Republic is your number one source for alternative music.

If you wish to submit any music, please drop me an email at katbaylystbrendans@hotmail.co.uk where I will more than happily take a listen. Whether you’re signed to a label or a new band just starting out, please drop me a line. Without submissions, Rocking Republic wouldn’t exist. Thanks for reading!

11 responses to “About

  1. Hi,

    How do we get in touch with you? Thanks, Sean

  2. I’ve also got a submission that I think will interest you.
    Can I get your email or could you drop me a line at darcy@noisekitten.co.uk

  3. Anonymous

    submission here too… apchilds@yahoo.co.uk many thanks

  4. Benj / The Calling Card

    Hey thanks for getting back to us.
    We have just released our album and would love for you to review it for us
    Do you have an email address we can send it to?
    Thanks a lot

  5. Gus

    Hey there my dear – A big thank you from the cold north of Canada for your support of my recent release.
    Your website has been hyyperlinked over here so that more internet hooligans and metalheads alike can check out your offerings in this beautiful world. Continued success in your craft!

  6. Good morning Kat,

    My name is Isaac Reese, you reviewed our debut album Singularity here:

    Unfortunately, Youtube blocked our video for a copyright misunderstanding.
    Could you please replace our video url on the review page with this one?

    Please let me know,


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