Introducing…Shag Rock

Smack bang off Bourne Street Brisvegas, the five members of Shag Rock are probably sinking some beers as we speak. But these true blue ‘strayan mates are also set to burst onto the scene as a shagaholic indie-rock sensation, with their latest track Cold Hands.

From the beach to the band room, Shag Rock convert their surfy energy into their music. With a chorus smoother than bundy rum, their new single Cold Hands puts you into a dream state. It’s definitely a slightly more serious turn from the jovial, bubbly tones of their previous EP but a turn for the better.

A thick intensifying guitar build up, a soul-touching piano riff, all augmenting to the chorus that won’t leave your head for weeks. And that’s just after the first listen. Be prepared for the voice of Jeff Buckley and Bernard Fanning’s babies. A hauntingly beautiful song, with a sparse yet perfect fragility that you can only understand once it has hit your ears.

Recorded with QUT as part of the Independent Music Project 2014 and produced by Don Lee and associates, Cold Hands was then mastered by Don Bartley.

Written by lead singer Alex Wilson and guitarist Jacob Reed, it started empty with just an acoustic guitar but with inspiration from their yearning to let every setting sun take them to a place free from daily restrictions, it soon boomed into a thunderous band song.

Brought together in high school through their thirst for good times and a collective buzz off making sweet tunes, these five Brissy boys have life pretty sorted out. Known for their laid back aura yet scintillating stage steeze Shag Rock seem to be capturing everyone’s attention. Jumping off amps, tables, drums. They don’t stand still for a second on stage and this energy is only going to amplify in the future.

Cold Hands is out tomorrow (29 September 2014).

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