Sinkane Releases New Video For Single, How We Be

Having received an outstanding reaction from the UK press for his new album Mean Love over the last few weeks, Sinkane is continuing the celebration. He recently revealed his first official video from the record and confirmed more live dates for November.

Directed by Nick Bentgen, How We Be is a gorgeous ode to New York and a love letter to summer as it explores various neighbourhoods through dance. It’s a beautiful visual representation of his fluid, worldly sound as it mixes step, ballet, break-dancing and more. Buzzfeed introduced it saying: “Ahmed Gallab is known for blending African beats, funk and soul into joyously kinetic concoctions. His new video for effervescent single How We Be celebrates those moments when everything is going your way, the sun is shining and you just want to move.”

The solo project of Ahmed Gallab, Sinkane exclaims: “It was great working with Nick on this video. I think he captured the feel-good spirit of the song.”

The director further notes: “I love Sinkane’s music because it’s vividly original. How We Be is especially that and I wanted to express the joy of listening to that song for the first time. Ahmed and I talked about making a dance portrait that plays around with time – moving backwards, forwards, at high speed, in slow motion. We wanted to fill the video with all kinds of movement.

“We collaborated with a high school step team, two Parkour fanatics and a Jooker from Memphis who just moved to New York that same week. We filmed dancers from New York City Ballet, B-boys from Boston and we even got Ahmed to perform in the video. Sinkane’s new album is so expressive and expansive, it’s near impossible for me to categorise or put into words why I like it. It’s just easier to dance to.”

After his current European tour, Sinkane continues intensive across the US before returning to Europe in November. He will be playing shows across the UK (to be announced), leading into a show at London’s Oslo on December 1.

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