Whilk & Milky Release Reworking Of Portishead’s Glory Box

Get a job waiting tables. Find a kindred spirit in one of the customers. Move into a one bed flat. Sleep on the sofa. Make music in the kitchen. Post some demos on line. Get fans in high places. Release debut EP.

Welcome to the world of Whilk & Misky.

Whilk & Misky

Whilk & Misky

Whilk & Misky are Nima (who produces) and Charlie (on vocals). Nima likes cold industrial techno whilst Charlie likes angst infused soul, which places them in a mystical highway somewhere between Chet Faker and Flume.

Charlie was working in a restaurant a year ago when he met Nima on one of his shifts. The bond was instant and they soon found themselves rolling around London in a haze of drinks, girls and parties. Charlie was essentially homeless and would sleep on Nima’s sofa which paved the way to numerous 4am jamming sessions. Within months they had posted some demos online, including covers as diverse as Mans World and So Good to Me, earning them fans in the likes of Rob Da Bank and Zane Lowe.

A label race began with serious interest from the majors (despite the fact they had never even played a gig together). However, the boys wanted to do things their own way. Cue Dirty Charm Records, their brand new imprint and home to their debut release, in the form of the sublime The First Sip EP.


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