Sean O’Neill Release New Single, Vienna

Australian born, London residing musician Sean O’Neill is a man of many talents, instrumentally to be precise. The singer/songwriter plays the guitar, piano and also the hammond organ.

He has been compared to artists such as Bon Iver, Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens and Ásgeir due to his heartfelt vocals backed by strummed guitar and an eclectic mix of sounds.

Influenced by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, O’Neill is following on from his 2012 EP, readying a debut album which he wrote in his Stoke Newington flat in London.

Inspired by a girl he met on the London Tube, Vienna is a taste of what is to come. Vienna showcases an atmospheric sound that creates a captivating musical landscape, taking listeners out of their own world and into his.

O’Neill’s heartfelt vocals deliver emotion over the instrumentals that are both cinematic and emotive in their own right.

The music has been matched by footage filled with beautiful imagery by director Jonathan Sterkenburg that really sets the scene for Vienna.

The visuals are grained with a vintage feel making the clip personal; as though you are watching your own home movie.


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