Ships Have Sailed – Someday EP Review

The brainchild of singer/songwriter Will Carpenter, Ships Have Sailed was formed in early 2013 as an outlet for material that didn’t fit into Carpenter’s role as guitarist for Hip-Hop Rockers, 7Lions (2101/Capitol).

The resulting six song EP is a heady blend of current alternative rock, cathartic song writing and dreamy pop which has already found a home on college radio with over 40 CMJ stations keeping several tracks from the EP (including the single Midnight) currently on rotation.

Midnight is a pure pop song with its catchy melody and lyrics. It sets the tone of this EP incorrectly as the next song, Clouds, is a well crafted and beautifully written acoustic number. It’s the gentle ballad of the EP. Taking influence from the likes of Dashboard Confessional, Cloud has some beautiful lyrics, “Clouds on water/Sons and daughters/Don’t you falter in this life” set against the backdrop of the steady, slow acoustic guitar.

The third track featured on the Someday EP is Bring You Down which Ships Have Sailed are streaming here. Bring You Down also has some fantastic lyrics, “Don’t you let me bring you down again/Demons in me twisting round again/Find myself in this old town again/Baby don’t you let me bring you down again.”

Title track Someday concludes the EP. Sounding heavily influenced by Dashboard Confessional once more, this track has a strong American acoustic rock feel to it. It’s a soft ending to a rather riotous, up and down, EP. The song finishes the EP contemplating life, “It feels like I’m living someone else’s life/Think I’ve forgiven those who caused me strife/And I know/Someday might go/But someday might be long.”

Someday is a good debut EP from Ships Have Sailed. There’s nothing that ultimately stands out as a must hear but if you like Dashboard, this might be a band for you.

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