Introducing…Connecting Stars

Eclectic South African folk-pop duo Connecting Stars  is excited to announce the exclusive premiere of their US debut single, Stuck.  This week, the single hit national radio airwaves and is already charting on AC and college stations around the country in anticipation of their forthcoming self-titled debut album which is scheduled for release this August. Stuck is an unforgettable track, filled with swinging acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, electric hooks and a driving brush snare rhythm and is now streaming via Guitar World’s Acoustic Nation.

Connecting Stars

Connecting Stars

Incorporating elements of modern-pop and indie-rock into their work, reminiscent of progressive folk bands such as The Decembrists and indie folk darlings, The Civil Wars, Connecting Stars combine acoustic guitar and piano into hauntingly beautiful melodies while harmonies form the backbone of the of their unique and emotive sound. The twelve bittersweet tracks on Connecting Stars take listeners on a musical and lyrical journey spanning the lofty highs and crushing lows of love found, lost or betrayed, as well as the confusion and helplessness when loved ones pass away or suffer needlessly. Intertwined with strains of glockenspiel, ukulele, harmonica and mandolin, the album’s most remarkable and lyrically motivating songs draw on both painful and joyful life moments while Martin and Cheryl Engel’s musical skill and intuitive interaction make for an unforgettable presentation. This unique amalgamation of passion and multi-instrumentation also makes for unforgettable live performances that are not to be missed.

Martin Engel offers: “Stuck is one of the most powerful songs we have written. The words, written by Cheryl, our songwriter and vocalist, are about breaking out of destructive patterns and changing your life. Sometimes we get stuck and we need to make drastic changes to move on with our lives. Doing nothing and hoping things will change is just like waiting for lightning to strike twice in the same place.”


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