The Occupants Release New Single, Streets

Following the success of I’ve Been Thinking and Wonderland, the Gower brothers are back with their third installment, a new track entitled Streets which was released this week.

With a recent addition to Triple J rotation, Streets ventures in a new direction. “Yeah it’s different. We hope it’s different. We want it to be different. But what’s still the most important consideration is that it makes people feel good.”

Once again The Occupants teamed up with producer Forrester Savell and Melbourne based musician Leigh Davies and headed back to the infamous Music Farm studios in the hills of Byron Bay.

The Occupants

The Occupants

Continuing their exploration of fusing organic and electronic sounds, the new track has revealed yet another glimpse of this ongoing adventure.

“The consensus within the camp was that the music reminded everyone of that time in their own lives when, as kids, we began to explore our neighbourhoods on bikes or skateboards or things like that. So we decided to pursue that idea.

“I guess in general we feel much more at home with darker, more melancholic material. Streets sounds quite light and happy and at times it felt like we were operating on the fringes of our comfort zone. Despite this we sensed there was something really endearing about what we were hearing so we continued to experiment and persist with it. Overall it turned out to be extremely challenging to design even though it sounds pretty simple and straightforward compared to other music we’ve created.

“In essence, this track is all about the feeling you get when you’re just cruising the streets”.

And, as always, the goal remains the same: “We’ll continue to create with the simple aim of keeping the quality of the music as high as possible and work towards an album one song at a time”.


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