Kestrels – The Moon Is Shining Our Way EP Review

The Kestrels new release, The Moon is Shining Our Way, is a four track EP which showcases the trio’s catchy blend of noise and melody. Released on July 1 2014, the new tracks consistently play to the 90s trends that currently plague both the catwalks and the air waves.



The entire EP is reminiscent of shoegaze and bears a distinct resemblance to the sounds of My Bloody Valentine. The first track, Eternal and Debased, opens with fuzzy and whining guitar riffs that are both upbeat and chilled out simultaneously. However, the track runs the risk of becoming slightly monotonous, until around the two minute mark, when a new guitar riff begins, reminding the listener the song isn’t stuck on repeat.

The second track, Wide Eyes, contains similar riffs coupled with the same hazy and non-committal lyrics which confirms the EP is most definitely from the noise-mongering genre. Despite re-creating the same genre of sound the headlining track, The Moon is Shining Our Way, is slightly more upbeat due to its faster paced lyrics and melody which are both also slightly whiny. However, this isn’t necessarily a negative point, and they lend themselves well, making the track distinctive and edgier than the band’s other material.

Last but certainly not least is the heavier and slower, The Double. The track contains a strong mix of crashing guitars and strong drum beats which together create a decidedly siren-like sound that permeates the background. When coupled with the heavier and lower riffs it highlights the dark and ominous tone which therefore enhances the subtle melody.

These fuzzy and distinctive guitar riffs played over gentle melodies make for an unusual sound which is typical of the EP as a whole and ensures that the songs are more than simply noise. Instead, they are a re-awakening of the shoegaze era that will have both mainstream and alternative rock fans alike nodding along.

By Nicole Pilcher


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