Introducing…Pepa Knight

Jinja Safari co-frontman and Central Coast musician, Pepa Knight, has been developing an impressive amount of buzz since launching his own solo venture in early 2014.  After accumulating a notable degree of praise for his debut single release – the emphatic Rahh! – Knight is has announced the release of his follow-up track, Clams.

To celebrate his sophomore single release, Pepa Knight will be performing two highly anticipated debut live shows in Sydney and Melbourne in August, at Goodgod Small Club and Northcote Social Club respectively.

Pepa Knight

Pepa Knight

Rahh! was embraced by worldwide taste-makers and music lovers alike after its release in April with rave reviews arriving from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and even India – via an in-depth interview between Pepa and Rolling Stone India about the writing and recording process behind his debut collection of songs titled Hypnotized (due late-2014).

Pepa’s debut performances in August will be an opportunity for listeners to experience his uniquely soulful and affecting music in-person for the first time. Paired with a brand new single – the anthemic and stirring Clams – Knight’s future as a uniquely Australian artist is looking faultless.

Pepa Knight’s forthcoming single Clams was officially released via iTunes on Wednesday July 2.


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