Sandy’s – Fourth Dementia Album Review

After releasing 2008’s Old Home Movies with the Botticellis, San Francisco-based Alexi Glickman (Sandy) spent time touring with Little Wings before forming Sandy’s in 2012. Sandy’s played an opening that featured work from artist Thomas Campbell, who was forming an arts nexus called Um Yeah Arts; he was so taken with Sandy’s that he offered to put out the debut album, Fourth Dementia.

Recorded by Glickman in garages in the Sunset district of San Francisco, the album features the talents of Zack Ehrlich (Sonny & the Sunsets, Vetiver), Burton Li (the Botticellis), Ryan Browne (Sonny & the Sunsets, the Botticellis), Blythe Foster (the Botticellis), Jeremy Black (Apollo Sunshine), Nick Aives (Range of Light Wilderness) and Kacey Johansing (Yesway).

Yuba Diamond was the first single to be released from Sandy’s debut album. It starts with a fast tempo, 80s drum beat with echoing guitar riffs and a summer pop melody. This song will instantly have you bouncing around like a lunatic. When the vocals come in, this feeling is only enhanced and never dampened. The song changes from a slightly 80s inspired track to a psychedelic 70s track. The lyrics, “Floating with a suitcase upside down…This place looks like a dream/Men are not who they seem…” highlight this comforting woozy, spiritual and hippy side to this song.

Great Highway is the ultimate beach summer track. Sounding a little bit like Co-pilgrim (if they produced happier tracks), it showcases surf inspired guitar riffs and faint and soft vocals. Great Highway is a song you can completely relax to. The chorus, “Got to get you to where you belong” is guaranteed to remain swimming around in your head long after the song has finished.

Sisters is the second single to be released from Fourth Dementia. It starts with tribal and world music influences instantly allowing it to stand out from the rest of the tracks on the record. The lyrics are what make this track, “If I don’t get up today/If I don’t make it out today/If I can’t leave today/Is today still today?/If I’m thinking of a dream/It changes what I see/Is today still today?/Sisters telling stories just to keep me in my room…” It’s got a bit of everything – it’s electronic meets world music, it’s blissful yet simple, it’s dramatic yet pleasant. You can easily see why this was chosen to be a single.

Slow Cone is another song that stands out. It’s solemn in comparison to the previous tracks on the album. It’s once again quite a psychedelic influenced song. From the first note, you get the impression that this song is sad and serious. The vocals are faint and echoing – it’s a very 60s psychedelic inspired track. The guitar riffs have reverb to aid this disorientating feel.

Sandy’s Fourth Dementia is a wonderful blend of the sounds of the 60s and 70s surf and psychedelic scene. If you’re looking for a summer soundtrack, you may well find it in the Fourth Dementia.

Fourth Dementia is out now.


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