Hopelessly romantic and just a touch emotionally twisted, like a John Hughes soundtrack, Wrongchilde (Mat Devine of Kill Hannah) has announced his forthcoming album, Gold Blooded, due for release on August 19 with a PledgeMusic Campaign.Completely self-financed and anticipating an independent release by principal singer/songwriter andKill Hannah frontman, Mat Devine, Wrongchilde has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help raise funds for Gold Blooded. Fans can pledge and pre-order a signed copy of the album or nab an exclusive limited edition Gold Blooded ring or if they’re feeling more adventurous and especially generous, they can pledge for the Burn Notice Package or Procreation Package.

Gold Blooded sees Devine keeping his feet firmly planted in his rocker roots but with a flagrant nod to nostalgic pop, experimenting with synths and electronica to create a collection of anthemic tunes fitting for a new generation. From the acoustic sounds of, Falling In Love Will Kill You to the throwback synths of Dance To Your Heartbeat, Gold Blooded is a progressive step forward for the singer/songwriter. The album also features appearances from the likes of Morgan Kibby (M83 and White Sea) as well as guitarist and songwriter, Alain Whyte (Morrissey).

Reflecting upon the independent creative process, Devine said: “This has given me an incredible amount of freedom and artistically, it was beautiful for me to take a departure away from the bureaucracy of the music industry. To write songs for the reasons that I initially fell in love with songwriting, to disregard pressures and say what I would say if I knew this was my last day on earth.”

Lead single from the album, Falling In Love Will Kill You, a duet featuring My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, premiered on Alternative Press and is the perfect opener to the album. Stylistically, the track sees both artists move away from their traditional sound to a softly spoken track with an almost southern twinge, showcasing a mature shift in their craft and an insight to what’s to come from Devine Gold Blooded.

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