A Lonely Ghost Is Burning Releases Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 2 Compilation

A Lonely Ghost Is Burning  aim to serve as a hassle-free source for music lovers to discover great new releases and while their compilations are not a revolutionary concept, each is put together with a love and care that they hope sets them apart from similar collections.

Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 2

Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 2 artwork

Released on May 19 Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 2 is the fourth in their series of carefully curated, free-to-download compilations and features 11 tracks from new records which, while fully deserving of people’s attention, are frustratingly likely to fly under the radar.

Our Beautiful Songwriting series exists to showcase singer-songwriters, folk, dreampop and the like; the kind of music that it is easy to sit and get lost in. Volume 2 features tracks by: The Capsules / anchor & the butterfly / Arctic Tern / Ayla Nereo / Joseph / Calvin Lamothe / a million creatures / Seth Paul Macchi / Kathryn Joseph / Prim / Kine Hjeldnes.


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