Co-pilgrim – Plumes Album Review

Co-pilgrim’s highly anticipated third album Plumes is set for release on May 26. Following on from the success of last years’, A Fairer Sea, lead single Grew Into Something New/I Know Love has already been gaining some positive attention with plays on BBC 6 and Amazing Radio and has had some extremely kind reviews from the likes of Louder Than War and ourselves, Rocking Republic, respectively. If you dig those Summer vibes then look no further. This is the album for your summer.

Lead single Grew Into Something New/I Know Love are the happy songs on the record. I Know Love has an incredibly upbeat, 60s summer feel to it. This track will guarantee to have your head bobbing, you just can’t help it. It will instantly brighten your day. I Know Love wouldn’t sound a miss on BBC Radio 2 when they play the classic songs from the 50s and 60s.

Grew Into Something New has a slightly more modern feel. There are still influences from the 70s heard in this track though. It’s very catchy and sounds hauntingly familiar, “I grew into something new/Oh yeah/Grew into something new…” with the rolling drums that give it that pop/rock feel that seems safe and familiar.

Come Out Alive is a slow, solemn track with incredibly sweet lyrics, “Good nights and good friends/We have the time/We have time”. It’s instantly likeable.

On the other hand though, I Saw You Heavenly Girl has more of an upbeat feel to it. The guitars (both electric and acoustic) give it that summer vibe, especially the blues slide guitar. The vocals are relaxing as they sing the lyrics, “I saw you heavenly girl/Riding a black and white horse…”

If you thought I Saw You Heavenly Girl was summery, make way for Pushover. This song screams the 60s beach vibe. It’s the hippy tune of the album.

Towards the end of the album, Dancin’ Hoods will remind you of hazy summer evenings with it’s sad, summery tones. Imagery of fields full of luscious greens and sprouting plants come to mind, “Or the blades of grass/Or the setting sun…” Let yourself go with this track – it’s perfect.

Co-pilgrim’s Plumes will be released on May 26.

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