Son Lux Releases New EP, Alternate Worlds, Featuring Lorde

Introducing Alternate Worlds, the new EP from producer/composer Son Lux. The EP reimagines four songs from his recent album Lanterns and includes a collaboration with Lorde. These exquisite reinventions traverse unfamiliar terrain within remembered landscapes. Their world is both alien and familiar.

Alternate Worlds is currently available digitally with a vinyl release date of May 26. All vinyl pre-orders include an instant download of every song. The EP will be released in three distinct vinyl editions, each pressed on 12″, 45rpm (loud-cut) vinyl:

Alternate World (Alternate Age) is a dark, haunting song. It suits the ‘Alternate World’ title completely; it’s disorientating and random. There is a slightly dub-step style to it but not so much so as to ruin this track.

Previous single releases, Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying) and Easy (Switch Screens) feat. Lorde, both appear on the EP reinvented, of course. Easy is a song that never gets boring.

Build A Pyre (Begin Again) has fast tempo synths blended with the long, exasperated vocals makes for an interesting yet odd listen. There is a chorus of voices which also compliment the rest of the haunting, unusual sounds heard on this track; they sound distant leading this song to be unnerving. It’s a completely ‘out there’ track and is unlike anything else. It’s daring and atmospheric. It’s all these things yet the music has been kept simple, comprising of only a few distinct elements (synths/vocals choruses/harmonies/bass drum/).

Physical copies of Son Lux’s new EP, Alternate Worlds, will be available from May 26.

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