Jan Hellriegel Releases New Single, Because You

Jan Hellriegel has announced the release of her new single entitled, Because You.

Because You is a beautiful, ethereal, electronic track. Sparsely punctuated by a repetitive melancholy electric guitar, the track builds into an uplifting chorus with a cacophony of reverberated drums and the conviction of Jan’s lower register as she imparts her feelings to the subject of the song.

The track was written with producer and multi-intsrumentalist, Wayne Bell. Hellriegel has committed herself to a year of co-writes.

Hellriegel said: “When you co-write with someone you have the benefit of someone else’s perspective and what is concocted can be a hybrid of styles. In this instance I really like what Wayne and I came up with”.

Because You was produced by Wayne Bell and recorded at The Lab with Olly Harmer. The track was mixed by Daniel Denholm in Sydney Australia then mastered at 301 Studios, Sydney by Steve Smart.


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