The hard rock band from the twin cities, named VIA, has a fan base that tend to get a little rowdy at the live shows. Fan and student of the Institute of Production and Recording, JJ Peterson says: “VIA is making music way above other bands in this particular genre and live, the sound mixed with the message is second to none. They put on a rock party that doesn’t end when they get off the stage”.

VIA is ready to take the party to the next level – by bringing their talent to the radio and on the road. JJ also adds: “Each new tune is better than the last, diverse and easy to listen to.” Specifically among those new tunes is Red Room, a song that’s heavy hitting and haunting.

After only one year of being together, Via have accomplished record label offers, playing sold out shows and are currently in the studio recording their debut album, scheduled to release the summer of 2014. Their album consists of aggressive rock ‘n’ roll with song names like Shroomates, Why Do You Play God?, Acid and The Color Snow. This group is a must see show and is ready for the world to feel the love and turn up their car stereos.

For more information, click here.


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