Wayne Kramer Starts Gigantic PledgeMusic Campaign To Bring Latest Record To Life

Wayne Kramer is asking fans to support his latest idea by pledging via PledgeMusic. Kramer wants to bring his latest record, Lexington, to life and perform it for his fans. But he can’t do this without your support; that’s why he’s turned to PledgeMusic.

Kramer said: “My first solo album in 14 years debuted at number 6 on the National Jazz Charts. It’s the most rocking jazz record that just happens to be complete and utter musical freedom. Obviously, I want to bring it to you live. With the help of PledgeMusic, I’m figuring out ways to do just that in this fertile digital (global) landscape.

“This is a first for me. My memorabilia has been building up at various HQs since 1966. Through the twists and turns of my life and work, it’s a miracle even this much has survived. I’m putting it out there because I want to connect with you. There are over 50 items from my personal collection that have never been for sale before and there is much more to be revealed when you join the campaign.

“Your purchases will bring Wayne Kramer & The Lexington Arts Ensemble closer to your city and bring guitars to some of the people who need them the most — men, women and kids inside America’s prisons who are hoping to change from the inside out.

“Want to get some very cool stuff for an even cooler mission?

Pledge here.

Every pledge comes with a digital copy of the new album, Lexington.

Support free jazz. Support Jail Guitar Doors. Just support music anywhere, everywhere, all the time.”


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