Wye Oak Release New Videos For Recent Singles, The Tower And Glory

Following an intimate London show a couple of weeks ago and with current single Glory in regular radio rotation, Baltimore two-piece Wye Oak have premiered new videos for The Tower and Glory.

The Tower was the first track to be announced from Wye Oak’s new album, Shriek, back in January and has now been brought to life with a silent film/mime inspired clip by Baltimore artist and comedian Ben O’Brien.

And now with their UK tour just over a month away, they reveal a new video for lead single, Glory.

Glory, currently in heavy rotation at BBC 6music, has received high praise across press and radio – and rightly so. The track showcases the Baltimore duo’s drastically new approach to song writing with guitars swapped for bass and keyboards leading the way for Jenn Wasner’s vocals which sound richer and more heady than ever before.

The new video for Glory was created by by Michael Patrick O’Leary and Ashley North Compton. In their words it: “…explores an internal and external power struggle and a fear of loss of control—through the lens of youth, anxiety, ease and tension.

“The narrative follows youth-oriented themes, colours, styles and struggles with jarring and uncomfortable characters and movements…Feelings of impulsivity and unsettledness are evoked.”

Shriek was released on April 28 through City Slang (Merge in the US) and marks a sonic shift from Wye Oak’s signature sound, which is usually focused around lead-singer Jenn Wasner’s guitar playing.

When Wasner set out to make the album, she ditched the guitar and wrote the whole album on bass while Stack layered synths and drums to support the very personal, emotional works.

Shriek is out now.

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