Subrosa – Solar, Lunar, Polar EP Review

New band from London, Subrosa, have recently released their latest EP, Solar, Lunar, Polar.

The Solar, Lunar, Polar EP sees this band introduce their explosive and soundscape sound in three perfectly formed tracks. Introductory track, Steal Our Love, demonstrates Subrosa’s soundscape qualities; it has a dramatic and filmic style. The vocals, “Steal our love/Out of their hands…” are catchy and melodic making it an attractive song to listen to. The only downside is that Steal Our Love does have slightly indecipherable vocals in places. But this isn’t always a bad thing as you’re drawn in by the instruments and the melody that’s carried through the song by the vocals rather than being hung up on the lyrics.

The second track Hands Around has a little bit of indie influences such as the likes of The Editors in it. Hands Around features a great drum beat that keeps the fast tempo. There’s a superb break down towards the end of the track where the drums take a back seat, the continuous scattering guitar slows to a soft guitar riff and the bass steps to the front. The vocals are the most clear here allowing those David Bowie influences to be heard.

The final song that features on the EP, Crests, recaptures that dramatic and filmic sound that began the EP. Crests thrives on crashing drums and desperate vocals, “We’re in this together/We’re coming to the end of each other/End of each other/End of each other…” It’s a song whose style mimics the start of the EP allowing it to end symmetrically.

Subrosa’s Solar, Lunar, Polar is out now.

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