Two-Bit Sister – The Jackal EP Review

Compressing a wide assortment of influences stemming from the energy and buoyancy of Weezer and Nirvana, through to the texturing of Jack White and Queens Of The Stoneage, Two-Bit Sister are certainly a fresh and animated take on alternative rock. With a tight and solid rhythm section, driving guitars and soaring vocals, Two-Bit Sister set loose their own brand of infectious rock-pop nationwide this Spring with their EP, The Jackal.

Hailing from Margate, Kent, Leon Peskett (guitar and lead vocals) and Connor Bluemel (drums and backing vocals) formed Two-Bit Sister in 2013 after dissolving their previous bands. Knowing each other from their school days and having jammed together for the past few years, the pair soon clicked and amassed a strong string of songs.

Title track The Jackal is a happy, jolly song which makes it a great introduction track to this band’s sound. It’s the sort of song that will make you instantly happy if it came on in the car on a summer’s day. Your whole mood would lift and you’d feel great. Jackal features some uplifting and inspirational, even if at times depressing, lyrics that will have you singing along, “Although bitterly I’ll pass you the gun now merrily/Because the picture in the middle of the writing of the wall says stop and breath/Easy now my friend/You know we’re going to make it to the end/If you disappear/I will be right here”.

Two-Bit Sister

Two-Bit Sister

Track two Times has a pleasant, gentle introduction consisting of electric guitar and very American style vocals allowing the chorus “Put on your suit I hope it fits like a glove/Times like this you weren’t made for love” to be heard clearly. The rest of the instruments suddenly come in turning this song into a punk rock song. The vocals are also reminiscent of Cobain in parts. The start of Times is also inspired by the likes of Nirvana with the solo electric guitar riff playing before the explosion of instruments happens.

Turbulence is another Nirvana influenced track. It’s dark and droning but utterly indulgent. It has that haunting sound making it a desolate sounding song. There’s an emptiness to this track that makes it super attractive.

Wanna Know finishes the EP with its incredibly catchy chorus, “Do you wanna know?/Why the grass is green and your hair doesn’t grow?/Do you wanna know/Why people scream when your picture is shown/Do you wanna know?” This is the ultimate summery song that has an instant feel good vibe about it despite the slightly angry lyrics.

Two-Bit Sisters The Jackal EP is a solid mix of rock influences and seamless lyrics that would suit being anyone’s summer soundtrack. The Jackal EP will be available from April 21.


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