Introducing…McCarthy Vigil

McCarthy Vigil are a group of guys born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire who produce alternative/melodic/American music. They have recently released a collection of songs through Of National Importance Records in the form of a self-titled EP which they couldn’t agree on a title for other than Dog Beans but that sounded ridiculous.

The EP comes off the back of their track Chinese Candle which was also released through Of National Importance Records on the compilation EP, Pareidolia, which featured other local acts.

The three songs for the self-titled EP were all recorded, mixed and mastered by Brett Jackson (Studio 24 – 24 Records) and McCarthy Vigil at Studio 24 in Barnsley over the course of six to eight months with additional vocals and artwork provided by Annie J. Winder.

McCarthy Vigil began playing instruments at the same time in the same room as one another in 2010. Because of this, Andy Sutcliffe (vocals/guitar), Dave Oldfield (guitar/vocals), Jason Bagshaw (guitar), Joe Robinson (bass) and Chris Kellett (drums) can make long smooth melodies penetrate your head gaps while your body holes are pounded with syrupy rhythm seeds. They have played up and down the country receiving good reviews.


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