Sleep Party People Release New Single, Floating Blood Of Mine

Following last month’s announcement of his new record Floating for release on June 2 through Blood and Biscuits, macabre Danish bunny-mask-wearing musician Brian Batz, AKA Sleep Party People, has revealed another track.

Sleep Party People

Brian Batz Of Sleep Party People

Floating Blood Of Mine, compared to most other Sleep Party People tracks, is a relatively upbeat offering, showcasing the paired back, melody-focused approach taken on this third album. Lyrically, however, the track draws from Batz’s exploration of his own social anxiety. He explained: “While I was spending a month in San Francisco recording the album I often wondered how I was as a person when I was among people I didn’t really know that well. Was I socially handicapped, too shy, too quiet, weird or just pretty normal?

“I unfortunately think people see me as a person who’s socially off when I’m in new environments although I’m trying not to be or think too much about it. I’m a quiet person and a person who loves to observe. That’s what this song is about. I think it’s in my genes to be like this. Like most of my family.”

Floating Blood of Mine is the second new track to be released online, following the disorientating In Another World last month. Sounding like the sonic version of falling down the rabbit hole, it’s a more unsettling offering that – for those already in the know – is unmistakably Sleep Party People.


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