Talk In Colour Release New Single, The Cell

Talk In Colour are a London based five-piece who create a ground breaking combination of electronica, folk and indie combined with live instruments and dirty bass-lines. Describing their sound as cinematic future pop, the band have been lighting up the London music scene by gathering a great live reputation and glowing reviews for their music.

Talk In Colour

Talk In Colour

The much anticipated new single The Cell is fuelled with Talk In Colour’s characteristic blend of raw sound, quirky electronics, off-kilter percussion and distorted guitars. With a hint of Portishead and Lamb, they softly intertwine their trademark gentle lead vocals into the intricate production which together creates a futuristic sound of now.

The production resembles Alt-J, MS MR, Django Django and The XX, and it fits perfectly in the new wave of modern, edgy and unique bands taking over the music scene. Talk In Colour’s evocative song-writing abilities, memorable melodies, unusual arrangement skills and outside-the-box ways of thinking will grab the listener instantly and won’t let go until the music stops.

The Cell is a great representation of a band fearlessly carving out their own unique musical journey. The Cell will be available for sale and download 20 April.

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