Roll The Tanks Sign To Epitaph

East coast-to-LA transplants Roll The Tanks have signed to Epitaph and will release their hook-laden debut album Broke Til Midnight on May 27. In the animated clip accompanying the single Goodnight Jimmy Lee, Roll The Tanks is paid a visit from a famous blogger while in the studio but things take a wrong turn after a rock n roll accident lands the blogger in the emergency room.

Broke Til Midnight hits right in the gut upon first listen. A record that leaves no room for uncertainty in 13-tracks that beg listeners to hit repeat and enjoy the ride. It helps that band members Danny Carney (vocals/guitar), Aaron Stuart (guitar/ vocals), Mike Wakeman (bass/vocals) and Joe Sirois (drums) are fans of enduring song smiths Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Pixies and The Clash from where they draw inspiration to carry on the torch. “We’re going to make records because that’s what we want to do – make records,” says Carney. “No clunkers, no fillers. Records where you almost die making them.” Though the band didn’t die while making the album, they did have to wait until 12am for when their pay checks cleared at  the bank in order to pay their bar tabs; hence the album title Broke Til Midnight.

On May 27 their debut album will be released on Epitaph. Label CEO and Bad Religion guitarist/songwriter Brett Gurewitz shares his thoughts on the signing: “Roll The Tanks write the kind of songs that make you want to be a songwriter. The kind of inspiring rock n roll songwriting that made me want to devote myself to this crazy life in the first place. They bring to mind Strummer, Pixies, Petty, The Kinks but not because that’s what they sound like rather because they’re cut from the same cloth. These guys are a great band, I can’t wait for people to hear them.”

An unpretentious, classic rock inspired “band’s band,” Roll The Tanks are primed and ready to carry the torch for energetic, solid rock music. They know the value of a dollar from grinding their days away waiting tables, driving trucks and working as carpenters to pay the bills so they can dedicate their evenings (and as much time as they can put into the stage and the road) to honing their already formidable songwriting chops. Music is their passion. And as their name implies, they are prepared to flatten all obstacles.

Believers in rock can pre-order Broke Til Midnight now by clicking here.

Fans in the So-Cal area can catch the band in Los Angeles on May 28 at El Cid for their record release show.

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