Elizaveta Releases New Single, Hero

The elegant and innovative songstress Elizaveta is climbing the iTunes pop charts with her new single Hero which is currently at #62 after its March 17 release.  A remix of the song created by the electronic music duo, Pegboard Nerds, featuring Elizaveta’s vocal, is featured in the incredibly popular viral video Superman With A Go Pro which commanded over 10 million views on YouTube in just one week. Hero also appears on her upcoming release, the Hero EP, out on April 14.



Elizaveta said: “When I was approached by Pegboard Nerds, Hero was in the final mixing stages. I feel the resulting track has taken my song in the right direction and amplified its epic qualities. I loved the Superman with GoPro video and it was incredible to watch something become viral naturally like that. I have already been contacted by other artists to do more collaborations of this kind and I can’t wait to see where this new avenue takes me creatively.”

Boasting her best work to date, the five song Hero EP is the first work of new material since Elizaveta’s 2012 Universal Republic release, Beatrix Runs. Complex and multi-layered, the Hero EP takes listeners on an intricate musical journey with a unique blend of pop melody, piano hooks, electronic soundscapes and dreamy vocals. The first single, Hero was written, produced and arranged by Elizaveta and it’s her first completely independent production effort.

Lauded as “…a brilliant musical innovator” by CBS, Elizaveta’s music has been featured in films and TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, So You Think You Can Dance and Scandal among others. She has toured widely both in Europe and the United States and is currently touring in her native Russia with ultra-popular Russian stars B-2 and a symphony orchestra and has an upcoming performance on April 5 in Minsk, Belarus for 15,000 people.

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