King Champion Sounds – Different Drummer Album Review

Different Drummer is the debut record from King Champion Sounds who hail from The UK and The Netherlands. They have been  doing well in The Netherlands with tons of great reviews and an awesome tour. GW Sok of the Ex is the vocalist here, along with Ajay Saggar (Donkey, The Bent Moustache) on guitar and Oli Heffernan (Detective Instinct) on bass.

Orbit Macht Frei is a spoken word, political song about television controlling nations, “Television/Look at your religion…Television/That sticky religion/Television/That ludicrous religion/Television/The ridicule religion/Television/The ruthless religion/Television/The sticky religion that moves people like satellites in orbit round somebody or something…The magnet religion that’s moving people like a concentration camp…” If you like a political rant, this is the song for you.

In contrast, Free-Dum Trail is an experimental, jazz influenced piece featuring brass instruments and sporadic, crashing drumming which all makes it an interesting track.

World Of Confusion sees the band introduce their reggae influences with the brass instruments making their appearance again. World Of Confusion has a lively, jive beat that will get your feet tapping. There’s a solid and good rhythm to this song. This song could be described as a fusion of reggae and experimental rock. By about the middle of the song, it does start to sound very repetitive and perhaps it’s just that little bit too long.

Shouting At The Moon has an atmospheric, soundscape beginning with the synths creating sounds as if waves are crashing on the shore. Shouting At The Moon is a very synthesised track which gives it that strong 80s feel. King Champion Sound’s spoken word comes back in to play which helps to escape from that 80s pop sound. This all makes it seem like it could be an odd mix but it’s not, it works. In parts, this track is a little bit like Tang.

Shop Drop has a brilliant rhythm and melody. The brass instruments really add something, giving it that swing, danceable beat even through the rock bass line and drums. Shop Drop’s main feature is it’s incredibly long instrumental introduction – you start to think it’s an instrumental number before suddenly the vocals make an appearance.

Unusually so, King Champion Sounds chose a French influence for their last album track, El Problemo Grande. El Problemo Grande is completely different from the previous tracks on the album. It’s so out of character for this band and this record which is what makes it so intriguing. It’s a really relaxing song after quite a chaotic album.

King Champion Sounds have produced a diverse record in Different Drummer. They express their political stance, their influences and their musical talents succinctly and effortlessly. It’s a record worth a listen.


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