Cold Roses Campaigning To Self Fund New Album

Possessed by the honesty and raw energy of yesteryear’s rock and roll, Philly’s Cold Roses “…sound like they’re straight out of a Texas roadhouse with their old-style country rock/blues combo” (WXPN). Their high-energy, eclectic live performances quickly led them to perform at some of their area’s most premier music venues including World Cafe Live, Trocadero Theater and The Legendary Dobbs as well as be featured in publications like JUMP Magazine and Philadelphia Weekly.

With the help of Kickstarter the band headed to Atlanta, GA to record their self-funded debut EP, The Georgia Fugue, released in January 2013. Cold Roses’ distinctive blend of rock n’ roll, soul, blues, punk and Americana delivered with genuine, thought-provoking lyrics and unique song writing has made their sound a refreshing musical experience. Whoever said rock and roll was dead must have just given up.

But now Cold Roses have started a Indie Go Go site to which they are reaching out to friends, family and fans for donations to support the cost of their new full length album. They plan to go in to the studio to record in June. The Indie Go Go site lets you donate money and in return Cold Roses are offering great incentives for pledges over certain amounts. Incentives range from a signed record and sticker set all the way to your own private show hosted by the band at the venue of your choice (with food and drinks included). So what are you waiting for? Head to the Indie Go Go site by clicking here now.


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