Broken Twin Premieres Video For Glimpse Of A Time Via Flavorwire

Broken Twin, who releases her debut album May through Anti- on April 29, has unveiled the video to album track Glimpse Of A Time. Directed by Jonas Bang and filmed in her native Copenhagen, the video premiered yesterday on Flavorwire.

Self-produced and mixed by Ian Caple (Kate Bush, Tindersticks, Tricky) and Brian Batz, May will be available on CD, LP and digitally.

Simplicity can be deceptive. Broken Twin’s music may be largely made up of piano, strings and Majke Voss Romme’s haunting vocals but the debut album is a work of depth and beauty. Simplicity is key to its name too. “I was looking for a title that was simple and not giving too much away, reflecting the songs,” says the Danish auteur. “Also it represents a time of year that seems to fit the songs. Spring is a time when everything is changing. It’s a hopeful season.”

May is very much one artist’s labour, an intensely personal album that adheres to a singular vision. “I wanted to get back to basics, seeking a sound that was warm and lo-fi; minimal and spacious and focused on the songs,” says Majke. “I’m a new artist – I need to be sure about what I want to do before I can let anybody else in. It’s a very personal record.” In that spirit, it’s an album that refuses to hand the listener everything on a plate. Asked what the theme of her music is, she says “relations” and “emotional patterns” and refuses to be drawn further. “I want people to find whatever they want in the songs.” Broken Twin’s songs are intended to live in the mind of the listener.

You can pre-order May on iTunes here and via KRM here.


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