Daisy Victoria – Heart Full Of Beef EP Review

Daisy Victoria was singer and songwriter for musical venture, Maglia Rosa Group. She has now embarked on a solo adventure under the moniker, Daisy Victoria.

As part of Maglia Rosa Group, Daisy played Latitude 2013, The John Peel Centre for BBC Introducing and was short listed by Just Music That I Like for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition 2013.

Her debut EP, Heart Full Of Beef, was recorded at her home with Wild Beasts and 2:54 collaborator, David Pye, and is available to download from bandcamp now.

Title track Heart Full Of Beef is a fabulous, female enthused rock track that sees Daisy’s distorted vocals sing, “I’ve got a heart full of beef and a belly full of love”. This track portrays Daisy as a strong female artist with passion, energy and power. Switching from Maglia Rosa Group to this, Daisy has managed to demonstrate her flexibility as an artist. Maglia Rosa Group saw her vocals take a more classical even slightly operatic approach whereas Heart Full Of Beef sees Daisy take on a whole other persona. It’s grungy and dark while remaining lyrical.

The other stand out tracks are Cloth which has soft, almost unable to hear vocals from Daisy at the start but somehow she still maintains her operatic style. Her vocals at the start sound softly strained which instantly makes them captivating. This song features choked vocals displaying emotion and making it an intriguing track but at the same time, Daisy’s vocals remain light and airy throughout. The music slowly builds and becomes dramatic; it goes from a single guitar to a full bodied track with lots of different instrumentation. The synthesised sounds create a haunting sound and the organ that can be heard in the background later on ensures this track has a dark side.

Secret Garden Path is the best song on the Heart Full Of Beef EP. It’s a little bit Imelda May with strong Jazz and Blues influences creating a lively beat. It sees those soft vocals return, showcasing a seductive side to Daisy’s voice. Secret Garden Path tells a narrative and has great story telling lyrics, “She arched and awed letting loose the latch/And as the gate swung to/He couldn’t see the catch/And she led him through the brambles to the strawberry patch/Where stood a sun burnt fisherman chewing on a match…” It’s a track with Gypsy and folk influences giving it that quirky, unusual sound.  

Heart Full Of Beef EP is an atmospheric EP using a huge range of instruments creating layers and dynamics in each song. There are influences from a range of genres which keeps it interesting and versatile. Daisy’s operatic style vocals give it a distinctive sound. Some of the tracks are haunting and dark while others are quite lively and upbeat (Macbeth To My Lady and Secret Garden Path). There’s a little bit of everything on this EP. It’s a great solo debut EP.


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