Battle Worldwide Recordings Streaming Album, My First Record, My First Store, In Full Now

As part of Record Store Day, which takes place on April 19, Battle Worldwide Recordings will be releasing a limited edition 12″ Vinyl entitled My First Record, My First Store. This record will feature a variety of Battle Worldwide Recordings’ acts covering tracks from albums that truly inspired and helped mould them into the artists they are today.

What is the defining point in an artist’s life that makes them take a path that will envelope their interests and work for the rest of their life? Every musician has a point, usually in their teens, that is an awakening that excites their senses and drives them to pick up a guitar, microphone, drum kit or even a laptop nowadays and start producing music. My First Record, My First Store is a physical and digital diary from Battle Worldwide Recordings’ artistes and partners, put together for Record Store Day 2014.

My First Record, My First Store will map stories from each artiste on the label about the record that most influenced them, where they bought it and why it was important to them. Over the coming months, stories will be added to the Battle Worldwide Recordings website.

But for now, Battle Worldwide Recordings are streaming the My First Record, My First Store album in full here.

On Record Store Day 2014, Battle Worldwide Recordings will release a limited edition colour vinyl compilation of artist recordings of select tracks.

You can follow the campaign here.

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