Sleep Party People Confirm Details Of New Album And Release New Single, In Another World

Sleep Party People has confirmed details for a new album and uploaded a brand new track. The new record, Floating, will be released on June 2 through Blood & Biscuits (part of the Pink Mist collective of DIY labels).

The first track to make it’s way online is the disorientating In Another World. Sounding like the sonic version of falling down the rabbit hole, it’s a gloriously macabre offering with strings swirling around thick bass lines to create a mood that – for those already in the know – is unmistakably Sleep Party People but more potent and forceful than ever before.

Sleep Party People Floating album artwork

Sleep Party People Floating album artwork

Sleep Party People is the brainchild of Brian Batz, a Danish multi-instrumentalist with a boundless imagination. Taking as inspiration the work of Boards Of Canada, David Lynch and Erik Satie, Batz found the sound of the old battered piano in his apartment, coupled with a freaky electronic alteration of his recorded voice, created an eerie, hypnotic sound.

With his other worldly signature sound in place, this one-man home recording project started to take shape back in 2008, the collection of weird and haunting melodies he created forming the basis for Sleep Party People’s self-titled debut album (2010), Efterklang & The Antlers invited him to tour with them, and the widely applauded unsettling beauty of We Were Drifting On A Sad Song followed in 2012.

This time, though, Batz is not drifting, he’s Floating.

In February 2013, armed with one rough sketch of a track on his laptop and a head full of ideas, Batz travelled to San Francisco to work with Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, Morrisey and Blondie) and Mikael Johnston (The Sounds, Jane’s Addiction). One month later, he returned to Copenhagen with the nearly-completed third album, Floating, on his hard drive.

Batz explained: “The whole feel of the album is very different from the two earlier releases. It’s 100% hand-played and totally organic and analog. I wanted it to sound more like a band than a one-man-project this time.”

For the most part casting aside the eerie murmuring vocals that have thus far been a Sleep Party People trademark, Floating sees Batz simplify his work, cutting down on the number of layers and effects, taking inspiration from the less complicated recordings of “the good old days” and limiting himself to 24 tracks on each song. The result is a more focused, melody driven record that channels the deliriously macabre moods Sleep Party People’s music conjures and moulds them into some of his most concise, direct and powerful work to date.

Batz added: “It was a very different way of working for me but an approach I learned to love during the whole process. The feel and the sound on the album is way different from any other Sleep Party People album you’ve heard but I believe that you can still hear that I’m the songwriter and that I have a specific way of writing songs.”

Having previously toured with the likes of Efterklang & The Antlers, Sleep Party People will announce new live dates soon.

Floating will be released on June 2.


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