The Kin – Get On It EP Review

Alternative rock band The Kin kicked off a nationwide tour on February 5 2014 in support of their new five-track EP Get On It (Interscope Records). Fresh off their Australian and US tours supporting P!NK, the power trio amps up to headline their own two month tour, bringing their explosive live shows to 27 cities across the US in February and March 2014.

The Kin, comprised of Isaac Koren (vocals, keys), Thorald Koren (vocals, guitar, keys) and Shakerleg (drums, percussion), have enraptured live audiences worldwide with their powerful vocal harmonies, hard-driving guitar and percussion and captivating stage presence. It was only a matter of time until major labels took notice and Interscope signed on to help promote their current EP Get On It which was released in October 2013. The Kin teamed up with legendary producer Tony Visconti (best known for his work with David Bowie and T.Rex) as well as former Record Plant staff engineer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith) and Nic Hard (Joey Ramone, The Church) to capture the group’s gritty, propulsive rock sound that comes across best during their live performances. The Get On It EP is currently charting in the US and Australia and went gold in New Zealand, reaching number two on the Pop charts there.

During their tours, The Kin also are known for causing trouble with their signature “Musical Robberies” where they burst into a randomly chosen high-traffic public area, such as a diner or airport, and surprise innocent on-lookers with a spontaneous live performance. The Kin have launched several of these “musical robberies,” including at the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Soho House, Seven Grand Whiskey Bar in Los Angeles and a French airport. “We’re looking to surprise people and give them a musical experience,” says Isaac. “Even if it’s just for a split second, it’s a rush for everyone involved.”

The Kin

The Kin

This energy is portrayed on their EP. Title track Get On It is a punchy pop song which will appeal to mainstream audiences. It’s very American in its sound conjuring up images of summer. Get On It is a little bit cheesy but it is a song that will appeal to the masses. Don’t be put off by this first song, the rest of the songs on the EP excel this one.

Instantly the next song, Boy You’re A Pretty Girl, transforms the sound of this EP. It’s still a catchy pop rock track but it has a whole different aura about it in comparison to Get On It. The vocals sound familiar and the harmonies are good giving it a dynamic feel. The chorus is memorable, “Boy you’re a pretty girl/New to this city/New to this town/Boy it’s a lonely world/New to this kind of love…” and is sung very melodically so much so that it will go round and round in your head. A catchy chorus is the sign of a good pop song.

On The Rise sounds like any other pop song when heard on the EP. But once you’ve seen The Kin’s live performance on Conan, you’ll realise how interesting the drummer and drumming style is which adds something to their music. It won’t sound the same again. Shakerleg doesn’t use drum sticks which gives the drums a unique, almost blunted sound.

Mary is very much like The Script with strong, emotional vocals making it a passionate song. You can really hear the acoustic guitar which compliments the drum beat. There are also more folk influences heard here. The lyrics are really good as they tell a narrative, “Mary spoke of what she saw/She held a secret deep inside/She knew she had a baby girl clinging to her spine/Mary fell to Mary’s floor/To mourn the heart they both adored…” This track is a little bit The Script and a little bit modern day Hanson.

The last track, Everything’s Changing, is a dramatic number to finish on. It’s climatic which is perfect for the end of an EP. It features a rolling almost tribal drum beat which really carries this song.

The Kin’s EP Get On It is out now. Visit their website for more details of their tour dates.


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