Introducing…Little Brother Eli

Little Brother Eli is the musical lovechild of Alex Grew and Joshua Rigal. Over the last eight months they have been writing and recording music which has culminated in this exciting project. Their influences have derived from blues artists as well as old school hip hop but the main focus for them is writing and producing great songs.

When performing live Little Brother Eli are accompanied by their band consisting of Benji Page, Adam Stowe and Linus Taylor. Allowing their songs to take on a totally new light, the duo describe this as a very exciting experience.

After their recent performance at iconic Jazz venue Ronnie Scotts in Soho, it’s no surprise that Little Brother Eli have gained a lot of fans in the lead up to the release of their forthcoming debut EP.

Their debut EP is out for digital release and has been described as “The Real Deal when it comes to blues and soul music” by The Flux. Alex and Josh have extracted the rich melodies of blues and combined them with the excitement of old school hip hop and an injection of good old rock ‘n’ roll. Creating a sound that is not only relevant to this generation but is musically intriguing to all.

Track one on the EP is Animal Fair – an incredibly bluesy, punchy song full of great guitar riffs and spine tingling vocals. The vocals seep passion. It’s unbelievably hard to sing the blues and come across as feeling it but Little Brother Eli totally and completely manage this. Animal Fair has slightly ridiculous lyrics but it works – it’s metaphorical. There’s enough control in the vocals on this song to keep it structured but there’s also that really important rawness which is what makes blues music such an emotional rollercoaster.

Awkward Positions is about exactly what you expect it to be about just from its title, “She likes the/Lights on/So that she can start to hypnotise you/It’s all that she thinks about…I heard she’s good on her knees…”. It’s a more solemn blues track with, once again, wonderful vocals that will make your jaw fall open. This time though the vocals are angry. If you think The Black Keys meets The Script – that is what the vocals are like. There’s the blues style from The Black Keys but also that slight Irish twinge heard in Danny O’Donoghue’s voice giving the vocals quite a unique sound.

When She Sings is the final track on Little Brother Eli’s EP. It has a swaying blues rhythm and is a full bodied track with explosive guitar riffs and soulful vocals. There are reggae influences around half way through the song which gives it that summery sound. This is the sort of song that would sound amazing blasting from huge speakers in the garden on a summer evening. There is a do-wop style to it with strong 1950s rock ‘n’ roll influences. They’ve saved the best to last with When She Sings.

Little Brother Eli’s EP is out now.


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  1. this is actually very good!!! good voice and good riff!

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